Every Labor Day Weekend in Historic Downtown Bennington, Vermont!


Garlic Town U.S.A.

Eat, drink & get stinky with us
at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

Argusville Farms

Description: German white garlic: individual bulbs, cloves, and by the pound. Products: German White garlic Website: https://appalachiangap.com/ Social Media: Argusville Farms Clove & Category: Clove B | Farm | Vendors Vendor Categories Activity Farm Food Truck...

Buried Treasures Organic Farm

Description: Three delicious varieties of certified organic garlic: Music, Russian Red, and Chesnok Red. Products: Certified Organic Garlic Website: www.buriedtreasuresorganicfarm.com Social Media: FB Clove & Category: Clove A | Farm | Vendors Vendor Categories...

Caltabiano Farms

Description: Upstate NY soft & stiff neck, fresh vegetable growers, family operated & stinkin good! Products: Soft & stiff neck garlic, fresh vegetables, onions, greens, pepper, tomatoes, celery carrots ,beets spinach, cauliflower, broccoli Website: ...

Conbeer’s Farm

Description: Pesticide/herbicide free organic garlic, 7 varieties (as stated above), our own pickled vegetables/pickles, dried soup mixes Products: Fresh garlic (german white, music, Italian purple, german red, Vietnamese purple, Turkish Red, Chesnok Red), pickled...

Grá den Talún Farm

Description: 14 varieties of garlic available at GarlicTown, over 120 grown. Check out the website! Products: Garlic bulbs sold loose by the pound. Huge selection- at least 14 varieties coming to GarlicTown USA. Website: gradentalunfarm.net Social Media: FB Clove...