Every Labor Day Weekend in Historic Downtown Bennington, Vermont!


Garlic Town U.S.A.

Eat, drink & get stinky with us
at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

sat, AUG. 31st 2024 | 10am-5pm
Downtown bennington, vermont


Eat, drink & get stinky with us
at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

sat, AUG. 31st 2024 | 10am-5pm
Downtown bennington, vermont



Become a Volunteer

Volunteerism is very important to the Garlic Fest / Garlic Town U.S.A. history. We absolutely couldn’t host this festival without your help! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran volunteer, or new in town and want to make some friends, we’d love to have you help us out!

All volunteers attend a training and kick-off party night prior to the festival. More details will be emailed to you after you fill our your sign-up form below. Please reach out to Matt@swvtchamber.com if you have any questions.

Why Volunteer?

  • You’re giving back to the community, and helping the Chamber be able to continue to serve it’s members and region!
  • You’ll receive a famous stinkin’ volunteer tie dye t-shirt to rock during your shift!
  • Free admission to the festival after before/after your shift
  • Free lunch during festival day
  • Invitation to our festival kick-off night and volunteer thank you party (free food and drinks!)
  • It’s fun, rewarding, and stinkin’ awesome!
Once you’ve filled out the application, find a job and shift below. 

When you select one (or a couple of shifts) this is your shift.  You can cancel your shift if you need to, but just know once you sign up for a shift, you have actually signed up for the shift. Don’t worry, we will remind you as you get closer to that date and shift.  

There will also be a Volunteer Training Night for your specific shift and job (you will have a captain training you) which happens at our Volunteer Kick Off Party on Thursday, August 31 starting at 5:30pm at the Bennington Station Lot (across from Walgreens back parking lot).
PLEASE DO NOT SELECT MULTIPLE JOBS AND SHIFTS THAT OVERLAP IN TIME, however you can sign up for multiple days and shifts that don’t overlap if you love helping that stinkin’ much!
Volunteer Garlic Fest 2019
Volunteer Garlic Fest 2019

2023 Garlic Town, USA Volunteer Roles & Descriptions

  • Needs to be comfortable using mobile device and Eventbrite app to scan attendee electronic tickets 

  • Needs to be comfortable swiping and processing credit card payments for attendees

  • Needs to assist attendees who may be having issues purchasing tickets on their phone

  • Providing wristbands to attendees after successful ticket sale or check in of pre-sales

  • Will need to attend at least one training night prior to festival

  • Welcome to use personal phone or festival provided ticket scanner device

  • Receives a free mobile charger when using personal cell phone

  • Will be logged into private Chamber Eventbrite account prior to scanning by captain

  • Locations: coming soon

  • Needs to be comfortable handling cash payments at ticket sale booth
  • Providing wristband to attendee after ticket sale
  • Must monitor cash boxes at all times
  • No tech use necessary
  • Location: coming soon
  • Will assist attendees and travelers with any local or event questions they may have to avoid crowding at ticket lines
  • Knowledge of the Bennington area and local businesses and restaurants needed
  • Handouts, travel guides and other info will be provided for you at the table
  • Garlic Town event experience helpful
  • May need to briefly relieve other volunteers or vendors at certain times
  • Location: coming soon
  • Monitoring that all attendees having green wristband before entry into clove
  • May need to direct attendees to ticket sale or help tent
  • Needs to be comfortable standing for duration of shift
  • Reports to ticketing Captains
  • Location: coming soon
  • Helps us keep our event as green as possible!
  • Will monitor recycling stations and collect compost/trash/recycling into provided barrels from attendees
  • May require lifting of full bags to transport to rolloff dumpster at Greenberg clove
  • Location: coming soon
  • Selling stinkin’ awesome Garlic Town swag at the merch tent!
  • Needs to be comfortable using technology for card payments on iPad register
  • Needs to be comfortable handling cash payments and monitoring cash box at all times
  • Needs to keep booth stocked with various sizes and styles of provided merchandise and organize throughout the day
  • Location: 
  • Will relieve vendors as necessary and booth sit for bathroom breaks, etc
  • Not required to take payments for vendors or make sales, only letting customers know they will be back shortly
  • Will distribute waters to vendors and volunteers throughout day at both cloves
  • May help distribute vendor bags at beginning of festival day
  • Will communicate to chamber staff if vendor needs assistance from them
  • Location: coming soon
  • Needs to be comfortable on feet for shift and detail oriented to ensure cleanliness of attendee areas and overall stinkin’ good time!
  • Cleans and wipes down dining tables and seating areas multiple times throughout Clove
  • Monitors and restocks porta potties and hand washing stations when low on supplies
  • May need to make or assist in supply runs outside of festival area if necessary
  • Communicates via walkie talkie or relays info to area captain or chamber staff on any issues needing attention within clove areas 
  • Assists with vendor support volunteers if necessary and fills in for other stations during bathroom breaks, etc
  • Location: coming soon
  • Will walk clove perimeters and keep eyes on gates and any entry points for any emergencies, fence hoppers, security issues, etc
  • Needs to be vigilant, comfortable being on feet for the duration of shift
  • Walkie talkie provided and communication with local police department and Sheriff will be available; will have active shooter and other emergency prep beforehand
  • Location: Perimeters of Clove A and Clove B
  • Will require physical lifting, tent and table setup, loading and unloading of chamber equipment from storage to festival sites
  • Fencing crew will install rebar and posts to attaching temporary orange fencing along clove perimeters
  • Barrel crew will be helping to unload 50gal water barrels used as crowd control 
  • Setting up signage throughout cloves
  • Setting up supplies for ticket sales, merch tent, info table
  • Post festival cleanup 
  • Free team lunches!