Every Labor Day Weekend in Historic Downtown Bennington, Vermont!


Garlic Town U.S.A.

Eat, drink & get stinky with us at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

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What does my ticket get me into?

Your admission ticket gets you into both vendor “Clove” areas, which will host all of our garlic farmers and specialty vendors, food trucks, Ramunto’s garlic cocktail bars, live music stages, kids activities and more! We encourage you to visit each of the two major cloves throughout the day, and you may re-enter as many times as you’d like. 

Where do I enter and show my ticket?

The ticket check-in, cash/card ticket sales, and general info tents will be located at 113 Depot Street (in the middle of both Clove areas). Please check the map for more details. After a volunteer scans your ticket or you purchase cash tickets, you will receive an admission wristband that allows re-entry. Enter either Clove you'd like, as many times as you'd like for the rest of the day! Clove entry gates will be indicated on the map and there will be signage upon your arrival. Volunteers will ONLY be checking for wristbands at the Clove entries - you must visit the ticket headquarters for all sales and check-in needs before entering!  

Can I still enjoy downtown Bennington shopping for free?

Of course! Please visit all of the stinkin’ awesome local merchants, restaurants, and historical landmarks all around our area. Downtown attractions will all be open and ready for you to enjoy a beautiful day, and these additional activities will be posted on our website.

What items are allowed and not allowed inside the cloves?



How far apart will the cloves be?

You will be able to enjoy both Clove areas in under a 5-minute, easy walk (for most) of one another. Both Cloves are located on flat, paved parking lot areas and there are sidewalks and safety crosswalks between both. There will also be free tractor rides and parking shuttles available throughout the day (please note that the tractor rides are not ADA accessible). Clove A: 321 Main Street (former Greenberg’s Lumberyard lot) or the corner of Main Street/Washington Ave. Clove B: 150 Depot Street (Bennington Station lot) or the corner of River/Depot Street. 

What if I don’t purchase a ticket online in advance?

Tickets will be available online, all day, until 5pm. You can purchase from a mobile device upon arrival and receive your wristband after you've been checked in by a volunteer at the Ticket Tent. On site ticket sale lines will be available at the Ticket Tent and will accept cash or card payments, but we highly recommend purchasing your ticket online ahead of time to avoid lines! For last minute travelers or those who need assistance with purchasing, visit the Ticket Tent at 113 Depot Street. 

Are bathrooms available?

There will be porta-potties and hand washing stations in each clove. There are also public restrooms located at the Splash Pad on North Street, Mission City Church on Main Street, and additional public restrooms within some Main Street businesses.    

Where do I park?

Larger additional parking lots will be indicated on our parking maps and emailed to ticket holders in advance. Free shuttles provided by Green Mountain Express will be available to transport attendees from parking lots to the Cloves on Depot Street. These lots will include the State Court Building on North Street (near the Deer Park), the Grace Christian School parking lot on Kocher Drive, and the former Kmart lot across the street. Tractor rides will be available on Depot Street, too!

Is there a lost and found or first aid available?

The info tent at 113 Depot Street will serve as a lost and found center and general festival info headquarters. This will be next to the large Ticket Tent. 

First aid patrol will be on standby provided by the Bennington Rescue Squad and also located at the River Street Firehouse across from Clove B. Bennington Police and Bennington County Sheriffs will also be present during the festival.