Every Labor Day Weekend in Historic Downtown Bennington, Vermont!


Garlic Town U.S.A.

Eat, drink & get stinky with us at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market


We have plenty of food vendors to fill up your stinkin’ bellys. We pride ourselves on providing an abundance of cuisines and food options to choose from during your day at Garlic Town, USA!

Clove A

(The Greenberg Lot at 321 Main Street)

  • Lemon Love (A1)

  • Hawaiian Shave Ice (B1)

  • Nutty Bavarian (E1/G1)

  • Reggae Boy Café (F1)

  • Anon’s Thai Cuisine (F2)

  • Sherri’s Crab Cakes (F3)

  • Bart’s Ice Cream (F4)

  • The Mac Factor (F5)

  • Burrito Revolution (F6)

  • Spacey Tracy’s (F7)

  • The Rollin’ Rooster (F8)

Clove B

(The Bennington Station Lot at 150 Depot Street)

  • Lemon Love (A8)

  • Mach’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza (F1)

  • M&J’s Taste of Home (F2)

  • All Things Maple (F3)

  • Hound Dogs (F4)

  • Zagers Taqueria (F5)

  • The Hungry Traveler (F6)

  • Sexy Llama Coffee Roasters (F7)

  • Mick’s Kettle Popped Corn (F8)

  • Wild Bill’s Soda (F9)

  • Wagging Tails Traveling Treats (G1/H1)

  • The Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (G7)