Every Labor Day Weekend in Historic Downtown Bennington, Vermont!


Garlic Town U.S.A.

Eat, drink & get stinky with us
at Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market

sat, sep. 2nd 2023 | 10am-5pm
Downtown bennington, vermont

Vermont’s biggest family farmers’ market
Sat, sep. 2nd 2023 | 10am-5pm
Downtown bennington, vermont

Wood’s Vermont Syrup Co.

Description: Specialty Maple Syrups and Maple Sugars – to include Bourbon, spicy, and fruity Syrups Products: Maple products; syrups Website: Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company Social Media: FB | Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company Clove & Category: Vendor...

Women’s Peace Collection

Description: Fair trade handmade crafts – baskets, jewelry, clothing, toys, housewares. Products: crafts; baskets; jewelry; Fair trade; decor Website: Women’s Peace Collection Social Media: FB | Women’s Peace Collection Clove & Category: Vendor...

Thompson Goat Farm

Description: Freeze dried garlic, garlic dips, goat soap, canned products Products: garlic, dips, goat products; goat milk soap; pickled products Clove & Category: Vendor Categories Activity Farm Food Truck Merchandise Packaged...

Slinky Bracelets

Description: My original handcrafted Slinky Bracelets are a 4 coil wrap in 16 designs. Materials are luminescent glass pearls, pewter, natural stones. Products: Jewelry Website: Slinky Bracelets Social Media: FB | Slinky Bracelets Clove & Category: Vendor...


Description: Jamtastic! Small batch jams, low sugar and no preservatives! The Best of the Best! Products: Natural, preservative free small batch jams and spreads Website: Jamtastic Social Media: FB | Jamtastic Clove & Category: Vendor Categories Activity Farm Food...

Hobson’s Choice

Description: Garden iron, spinners, garden related gifts. Allium bulbs, garlic dill pickles, home grownbasil Products: Garden decor; metal work; garlic pickles; herbs Website: Hobson’s Choice GreenHouse Social Media: FB | Hobson’s Choice Greenhouse Clove...